Saturday, 29 February 2020
About Us

Tick-Tock Activity Farm opened in 2007. Situated in Thomastown just 4km from Arklow, this activity farm is run and owned by Emer and Jim Somers and their eight children.

The layout of the farm lends itself to its name "Tick-Tock Activity Farm" as the focal point of the farm is the clock face around which the animal pens are situated.

Here you will find George and Oscar the pot bellied pigs, Coco and Fudge the Jacob sheep, snowbell the majestic white horse and her companion Ruby the donkey. Meet Bluebell and Daisy who are of course cows not to mention Ollie the Alpaca.

Meet Millie and Billy the pygmy goats and the alpine goats, Issy, Dobbie, Gertie and little Cooper who loves to be taken for a walk around the farm by visiting children.

See Percy the peacock and the pea hens Penelope and Pricilla and be amazed at the beautiful colours of Romeo and Juliet the golden pheasants